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 Greek Islands - Sporades Islands

Greek Islands - Sporades Islands


The Greek Islands have a charm and allure which draws repeat visitors year after year. The white-washed buildings with their distinctive blue-green shutters, beaches, tavernas and nightlife all combine to offer a relaxed holiday. The islands are grouped geographically and combining two or more islands within the same island group by ferry and hydrofoil, is a great way to create your own “island-hopping holiday”.


On the east coast, close to mainland Greece, these islands offer countless coves, charming villages, churches and monasteries that await your exploration. The most popular islands are:Skiathos

Skiathos: The island offers several lovely beaches and an unusual and diverse landscape. Holidays in Skiathos are ideal for those who love exciting nightlife, shopping, tavernas framed by cobbled-stoned streets, beaches, great fun and entertainment. Skiathos is a place to see and to be seen. One of the most splendid beaches in Greece is Lalria with its Blue Grotto, where the sun creates fascinating reflections in the bluest of waters. However don’t forget Koukounairies, renowned for its unsurpassed scenery. Take time to explore and discover the island’s beauty.

Skopelos: It is virtually all forest, with 80% cloaked in pine trees, with a few resorts
scattered around the steep cliff shores. It is not Kastani Beach Skopelosonly popular with day trippers from Skiathos but also with those who prefer a quiet holiday retreat.  Sandy beaches may be scarce on Skopelos but the island has attracted the more sophisticated traveller over the years. The north and east coasts are rugged, while south and west hillsides slope gently to the sea. Olive and plum groves along with large pine forests make up much of the lush, green interior. Hillsides are dotted with domes of churches and monasteries and there are many pleasant walks to be had.