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 Floating down the Nile in a Dahabiyas

Floating down the Nile in a Dahabiyas


The Nile is the longest river in the world and also one of the must-see aspects when visiting Egypt. There are many ways to see the Nile that caters for adventure seekers with river rafting and slow rollers who can see Egypt from the deck of a Dahabiyas.

A cruise on a Dahabiyas or house boat is usually worked into many African holiday packages to Egypt however if your itinerary doesn’t include a leisurely cruise on one of these relaxed modes of transport then best you organise it before you leave. A cruise on one of them normally lasts for longer than 2 days and shows you a perspective of Egypt not seen by many.

Dahabiyas were actually the mode of transport of choice for members of the Egyptian monarch who wanted to travel in style along the Nile. The banks of the river are sprinkled with well-known monuments and traditional villages offering authentic fair, flavours and friendship to those who visit their pathways.

The Dahabiyas is also a green way to see Egypt as it uses hardly any of the world’s resources and relies fully on the current and natural breeze to steer its course. These eco-friendly boats also have their own water purification systems on board which minimises and basically eradicates their need to use plastic bottled water. Because it has no engine on board, it produces no air or noise pollution so you can be sure that not only will you be breathing the freshest air but your cruise will be as silent and gentle as the Nile itself.

Alternatively there are cruise liners that are small enough to make their way along the Nile but are luxurious enough to boast all the mod cons and features of a full scale cruise liner. However, if its traditional your after then a Dahabiya is definitely the way to go. They also feature a fair amount of luxury and have everything you could possibly need on board.

There are plenty of dock sites for these boats along the Nile which allows for easy access to the shore and all the ancient mystic wonder it holds inside its monuments. Allow Egyptian time to engulf you and travel the Nile surrounded by traditional ethos and splendour.